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How to choose the right career?

First, see what subject you’re good at. Because if you don’t choose the right subject you’ll end up nowhere.

Understand that a cheetah can climb a tree but he could never compete with a monkey.

After deciding the subject, see what type of job you can get if you proceed further with your strongest subject.

It could be a sales reparative or may IAS officer.

Now, Build a checklist of Qualities and Skills required to be an IAS officer. (you can take any job)

See what type of Qualities and skills you have now and what type of skills and qualities you need to acquire.

As you do this, you’ll know if you can be an IAS officer or not.

If you have less than 50% qualities and skills in you, drop the idea of becoming an IAS officer. (Important to Do)

Instead, search for an alternative profession.

Because an alternative profession could be the job that can be acquired by you easily and you’ll make a good living with it.

Make a list of the top alternative profession and start working on it

This is How you can choose the right career.

Everything is simple, but we make it tough.

That’s why we teach our students in a way that they understand the basic concept & don’t get confused.

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