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I know that you want to accomplish & achieve something extraordinary in your life.

you want to get in best college

you want to get a good number

you want to get a good job

But regrettably, school & university don’t teach you all these things.

School just teaches – Book stuff… That’s it.

And you have to study everything on your own. But you can’t just criticize school and university and sit on your butt doing nothing.

Understand that every single thing can be learned from Google. You just have to find it.

If you can’t do that as well, then no upsets; read our emails.


Because we always share something with you, that’s relevant & valuable to you and for your career.

You’ll automatically see the value in each one of our emails.

For, now make sure to add us to your contact list in Gmail.

That will ensure that when we send the following email, you receive it directly inbox.

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P.S. We don’t send useless emails; we send emails that educate you.

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