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Hello Sanjay, here is why you fail in email marketing?

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Email marketing is the best form of marketing. It has been proven from time to time in hundreds of studies. However, people fail to use email marketing most of the time. 

And I totally admit it. Most email marketing campaigns fail. That’s the truth but there’s a reason behind it.

And I’m going to list the most important out of them.

  • Lack of strategy – This simply means that you don’t understand what type of email to send? and when to send it?
  • Wrong Email – If you try to do email marketing by purchasing email lists then the game is over – You’ll always fail in it GUARANTEED.
  • Lack of segmentation – This means you haven’t divided your email list into different audience categories. You want a targeted audience, not the mixed one. This helps you send emails to the right audience instead of the wrong ones.
  • Sending an email that has no value for recipients will make its way to spam folders.
  • No taking email marketing seriously – If you’re not managing and analyzing your email marketing program in a serious way, nobody can help you (not even me).
  • You can’t build a connection with your list – If you fail to convey the right message, there’s a chance that your readers might get offended, causing them to completely lose interest in your content or even ignore future emails.

If you don’t make all of these mistakes, you’ll probably do things right.

You have to understand that building connections with people on your email list is the most important part of email marketing, and it’s hard.

For that, you need to learn copywriting (which isn’t easy) and that is why we’ve developed a tool called One-Click Script, using which you write profitable emails in minutes right away.

…without any copywriting experience.

You can learn more about this tool on the next page and the best part of all… is how amazingly simple OCS is to use (your mind will blow up, PROMISE).

So, be sure to check it out. See you on the other side.

Your #01 FAN

Sanjay (Founder of WebSoar)

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