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One-time offer will expire in 24 hours

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In my previous mail, I just forgot to mention that you have just 24 hours before our One-time offer expires.

Sorry {name}, I forgot to mention that in that email.

But anyway, we have increased the duration and you can still get access to OCS for another 24 hours. 🎉

For instance – Let me show you what one of our subscribers told us about One-Click Script. He told…

OCS – It’s a “set it and forget it” solution for your email marketing campaigns – all you have to do is that click the button and your email is ready.

I’d like you to leave any other work that you’re doing now – then Sit in a relaxed position – and think – what you can accomplish with One-Click Script.

And I believe you’ll get the answer.

Once you’re ready, you can hit this link. After all, you have just today and tomorrow means 24 hours. 😟


So, think and take action now. I’ll see you soon in another email.

Your #01 FAN,


P.S. we’re not going to keep the offer running forever – Next 24 hours and this deal will be closed. 😟

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