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Importance of copywriting in email marketing.

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Copywriting is almost everything in email marketing. 

Most people (98% of them, actually) read it, and then they decide whether you deserve their clicks or not.

In simple words, Email Copywriting is the art of tricking people into opening your email, reading them, and then convincing them to buy your product.

Imagine for a moment – 

that you created the world best email marketing strategy

… you created the best segmentation

…and all other email marketing tactics that are available.

But If the content inside the email can’t justify its purpose no one is going to buy anything from you AND for that, you need to master the art of copywriting (which of course takes years to master).

But don’t worry, we have created a solution for you that will allow you to write better emails, even if you’re a non-writer.

It’s called One-Click Script – In short, we call it OCS and it is the only tool you need to do better email marketing.

I have created a detailed video on the next page that explains this concept in greater detail. 

At least, Go and check it out. {name}

Your #01 FAN

Sanjay (Founder of WebSoar)

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